Herbert T Nagasawa PhD on Glutathione (GSH) (AlcoholGSH)

  • Enhancement of systemic immune function
    The immune system works best if the lymphoid cells have properly balanced glutathione. The cloning of T-cells consumes large quantities of cysteine. Macrophages (type of white blood cells), which are only present in enough quintiles when there is enough glutathione, provide the cysteine for the T-cell cloning. Glutathione regulates the binding, internalization, degradation and T-cell proliferation by increasing, as much as two times, the number of binding cellular receptors. More receptors equate to more T-cells being produced simultaneously (multiple T-cell cloning). Cellular GSH also affects the growth and replication of T-cells through growth stimulating cytokines. http://www.immunehealthscience.com/glutathione.html
  • Enhancement of humoral immune function
    The role of glutathione in the humoral response is that it protects the cells taking part in the humoral response all along this complex process.
    A quick synapsis of the humoral immune response: “humoral” means circulating in the bloodstream. This is an immune response (chiefly against bacterial invasion) that is mediated by B cells and involves the transformation of B cells into plasma cells that produce and secrete antibodies to a specific antigen.
    The process in a nutshell: macrophages engulf and digest the invading pathogen. The digested pieces activate helper T cells which in turn activate the proliferation of B cells that are programed for the specific invading pathogen. http://www.immunehealthscience.com/glutathione.html
  • Summary in Layman’s Terms: As soon as a pathogen or virus enters the body, if there is an adequate quantity of glutathione (GSH), the glutathione enables the proliferation of attack cells to stop the invading pathogen or virus.  Enhancing your glutathione levels enhances your immune system to protect you from germs and viruses.
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